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Why You Should Start Journaling

As children, many of us were given a diary as a gift and quickly filled its pages with hopes, dreams, frustrations, and friendship lists. As adults, the busyness of life can get in the way of continuing that childhood habit of journaling. However, this habit might be just the one to help you find the clarity and peace you need. Read on to discover three benefits of writing in a journal and why you should start journaling today.

Become More Mindful

Mindfulness refers to an awareness of what is going on around you as well as an awareness of what you’re thinking and feeling. In the midst of a busy schedule, we often lose this awareness and start to run on autopilot — going through the day without reflection or growth.

When you start journaling on a regular basis, you increase your awareness not only of your own thought-life and emotions but you also increase your awareness of the people and events that you encounter during the day. This can help you to increase your social skills and improve your relationships as well as your work.

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Manage Your Stress

Another of the benefits of writing in a journal is managing stress by processing your feelings and working towards your goals. As explained by wellness coach Elizabeth Scott, journaling can help you to explore your emotions fully, let go of tension, and integrate your experiences rather than distancing yourself from them or dwelling on them endlessly.

As you start journaling about the sources of your stress, you can identify specific things that you need to work on and keep yourself accountable for achieving your goals. The result is a feeling of empowerment that helps you to move forward with confidence and peace.

Improve Your Overall Health

One of potentially the most tangible benefits of writing in a journal is an overall improvement in your health. Believe it or not, these changes can even be measured using clinical tests! When you start journaling, your health can start to improve both physically and mentally — these are just some of the evidence-based health benefits that can come from journaling regularly:

Most of the positive outcomes that were seen in these studies were achieved with regular, positive forms of journaling that reflect on events as well as suggesting possible actions or resolutions at the end. Your personal goal could be to journal for just five or ten minutes each day — the important thing is to be consistent! Set an alarm on your phone or do it right before bed so you don’t forget.

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