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What Are Black Paper Journals and Why You Should Use One

What Is A Black Paper Notebook?

A black paper journal is just a regular old notebook, but with black paper. Rather than the traditional white paper, blackout journals use dark paper to add contrasts, novelty, and provide a unique experience. Like any other notebook, you can use them to track your thoughts, organize your life, or to be creative. They come in different sizes and shapes, but the common theme is that they are all filled with black paper. 

Sometimes referred to as blackout journals, black journals, or black page journals, and similar names. Because of the dark paper, you’ll need a pen that works with dark paper. Blackout journal pens differ from typical pens because they usually contain a hint of glitter or a special type of pigment. This allows the ink to show up better on black paper.

Unleash Your Creativity with A Blackout Journal?

Black paper notebooks are a great resource for artists, writers, and anyone who wants to be more creative. Blackout journals are the ultimate tool for creativity. 

Ever heard the phrase “think outside of the box”? That’s basically what black paper journals allow you to do. What could be more “out of the box” than writing on black paper. Using black paper forces your mind to think in unconventional ways and see things in a different light. 

Writing on black paper is a great way to generate creativity and find that “aha!” feeling. The black paper allows the brain to relax and overcome limits of creativity. Think about it, when was the last time you truly did something out of the box? Black paper journals gently move you outside of your comfort zone. 

By being out of your comfort zone, you can approach things differently, which makes it easier for your brain to better see and process all the original ideas in front of you. Looking at things in new ways stimulates parts of the brain that help with problem solving, so if you are having a hard time finding creative inspiration for your work, try using a notebook with black paper.

See Colors In A New Way

Black paper is great with neon colored pens or colored pencils. The contrast of the white paper with the black background draws your eye to the center. This is why black page journals are great for drawing. However, they can also assist you in other creative endeavors such as writing, brainstorming, or even doodling.

In addition to neon colored pens, metallic pens with black paper are fantastic. The first time I used metallic pens with black paper was amazing. After my first stroke with a metallic gold pen, I was hooked. The empty black page drew me in and unleashed my internal artist. I found myself thinking outside the box whenever I put my pen to paper. I noticed how the paper became a canvas for me to build on and create a mural of ideas on. The black page created other dimensions, providing depth to my thought process.

The contrast provided by using white pens on black paper is stunning. It’s hard to explain, but it’s amazing. Prior to discovering black page notebooks, I had no idea white pens even existed. Now that I know about them, I would never go back to the standard white notebook when I need to be creative. I love the contrast and the unique way everything looks.

An analogy would be to take a city like Las Vegas. It looks amazing during the day with all the casinos lining the strip, people everywhere and the desert sun lighting up the buildings. 

But when the sun goes down, the genuine beauty of the city is on display. The neon lights, the energy, and the architecture all transform and seem to come alive.

The same can be said about black paper notebooks with neon, metallic, or white pens. The contrast between the color and black paper creates something special. Black pages have a sort of energy that comes with the added dimension of depth and contrast. 

5 Amazing and Fun Ideas for Black Paper Journals

1) Try writing or drawing on black notebook paper at night. The cool thing about writing with a flashlight is that it makes it easier to see what you are working on while also giving off an eerie feel. Writing with a flashlight will allow you to work on your projects late into the night without disturbing others. This could be great for working on poetry or stories.

2.) Write with glow-in-the-dark markers. For this method, you’ll need black paper and glow-in-the-dark paint or markers. Use the paint or markers to sketch out what you want to put on your notebook. The best part is that the finished product glows in the dark!

3.) Add metallic stickers and glitter to your black paper. It may surprise you, but metallic paint can be used with blackout journals. If you want to add a shiny, glittery look to your notebook, you can also use glue and glitter to make your artwork sparkle. You can also put metallic stickers on your notebook and use them as decorations for your pages.

4.) Use white ink pens to draw with. This is a more modern-looking option, but it can be a fun way to decorate your notebooks. You can either draw or write with the white pen directly onto the black paper.

5.) Add colorful card stock to your black paper. Card stock will just add another layer to your notebook–you can cut it into interesting shapes and patterns and make it a part of the design.

*** Bonus: Use your black page notebook as a notebook and a scrapbook. You can cut out pictures from magazines or use any other art supplies to decorate your book. When there’s a page that you want to add a picture of, cut out the subject of the picture as well as some of the background.

What’s the Best Black Page Journal for You?

The most popular black page journals are probably the Archer and Olive blackout books (archerandolive.com). These are top of the line books with hardcovers, pen loops and a ribbon for saving your current page. However, you’ll pay a premium for these amenities as these books retail for around $40. If you’re looking for a cute and artistic blackout journal to unleash your creativity, these are splendid books.

If you’re just getting your feet wet, or are looking for a quick blackout journal for an upcoming project, try looking at some of the more entry level black page journals. Amazon has an assortment of entry level blackout journals for under $10. The caveat with these books is that the pages aren’t truly black. They are notebooks with white paper that are printed so the entire page appears black. The drawbacks to this are that not all pens work with these types of notebooks. You’ll want to make sure the publisher has identified which pens have been tested with their books and be cautious about straying from those recommendations.

Digital black page journals are a simple way to explore this artistic practice. If you’re not familiar with digital notebooks, you can learn about them here. Digital black page journals are usually less than $10 and can be used over and over again. However, there are some prerequisites. You’ll need an iPad, Apple Pencil, and a PDF Annotation App (such as GoodNotes or Notability). If you have these tools, getting started with blackout journaling is as easy as purchasing a notebook, downloading it to your iPad, and unleashing your creativity.

With a digital journal, you’ll also save on the expense of buying specialty pens. You can make whatever color you want within the app for your pens. This comes with a caveat. You won’t be able to the create glitter or metallic look for your pens. However, you can use digital stickers that have a metallic or glitter look to compensate.

Black Page Notebook Cover
Entry Level Blackout Journal
Digital Blackout Journal Cover
Digital blackout journals are fun and versatile

Final Thoughts

There are a few downsides to black paper notebooks. They can be harder to find than the standard notebook and they are also more expensive. However, if you are looking for something to help you express your creative side, then black page notebooks are great tools!

Whether you use blackout journals to brainstorm business ideas or to unleash your inner artist, you’re sure to reach a new level of creativity. Blackout journals are amazing. They can be liberating and inspiring when used properly.

While traditional notebooks are useful, switching to a black paper notebook for a change of pace and inspiration makes sense when you need to be a bit more creative.


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