The Benefits Of Using A Blank Recipe Journal Blog
The Benefits Of Using A Blank Recipe Journal

The Benefits Of Using A Blank Recipe Journal

A blank recipe journal is a cookbook with blank pages, allowing you to create a personalized cookbook. Blank recipe journal layouts typically have headings for the ingredients, cooking instructions, and space for taking notes. Some even allow you to give the recipe a rating. Recipe journals provide a simple and convenient way of accessing your favorite recipes. They’re different from regular cookbooks in that you fill them with your most treasured recipes rather than having recipes dictated to you by a publisher. 

Hangry Blank Recipe Book Cover
Hangry – Blank Recipe Journal

The Problem with Traditional Cookbooks

I have plenty of cookbooks on my bookshelf (if you ask my husband, he’ll say I have too many). Yet, when it came time to make my favorite meals, it always seemed like a chore just to find the recipes. Sometimes it felt like I spent more time searching through cookbooks for a recipe than I did preparing the actual meal.

That is, until I got smart and started saving my favorite recipes in blank recipe journals. Being able to save recipes from various websites and cookbooks in one location has made cooking easier and more fun. Many are familiar with recipe cards, but blank recipe notebooks are just coming of age. They offer a wealth of benefits over old-fashioned recipe cards.

Yes, you can use a regular notebook for this, but these DIY cookbooks include recipe templates that make recording the ingredients and directions a breeze. Most come with a table of contents that make it easy to find the recipe you’re looking for.

Easily Manage Internet Recipes

My blank recipe journal is how I now keep track of my favorite recipes. Some of my favorite recipes are ones I didn’t find in a cookbook. Since i’ve started using blank recipe notebooks, I’ve been easily able to retrieve any internet recipe, whether it’s from the web, Pinterest or Facebook. Before, I would go online and read the recipe from my phone when I cooked an internet recipe. That was such a pain. Having a book to store my favorite recipes has been a tremendous help. I just flip through my DIY cookbook to find the recipe I want and get to cooking.

Find Favorite Recipes with Ease

I keep a few blank recipe journals on hand so when I find a good new recipe, I can save it right away. New recipes go into a general book. Most blank recipe books allow you to rate a recipe. After I make the dish, I’ll rate it and make notes on any substitutions, corrections, or changes I made. If my family liked it enough, I’ll later copy it to a blank recipe book I keep all of my favorite recipes in. It’s always in my kitchen, ready to be used. This way, when it comes time to cook a favorite dish, I know exactly where to find it.

Plenty of Room for Your Recipes

I’ve tried using recipe cards, but they’re so small. It’s easy to lose or misplace them. Often, I found they didn’t have enough space to write the entire recipe. I find it’s easier using a blank recipe book because they are larger and can handle recipes with more ingredients and steps. I also like the feel of having a bound book. The larger size also allows me to write out the steps using complete sentences.

Consistently Get Good Results

Using a blank recipe book gives me more flexibility and lets me take notes on what works and what doesn’t. Have you ever found a recipe that was almost perfect but needed more salt, more water, or even an additional ingredient? You can easily store that information in a blank recipe journal and make your next attempt at making it perfect. I’ve converted several of my recipes over to the Instant Pot. Being able to read off how much water to use, the correct pressure level, and cooking times has made making our favorite recipes quicker and easier.

Months from now, when I want to make the same meal, I’ll know exactly where to look for it. Plus, when my daughters get older, I can give them a personalized blank recipe book with all of their favorite recipes in the front to get them started in their new homes. They will be able to cook those same recipes for their children and grandchildren. To me, this is priceless and makes keeping a blank recipe book worth it.

Sample blank recipe journal layout taken from the "Hangry" Dictionary Definition Blank Recipe Journal.
Sample Blank Recipe Journal Layout

Get More Out of Your Recipes

The idea behind a recipe journal is to save time and get the best results when you cook, which is something we all want to do. I find most recipes are a little too vague. They rarely give enough details, and they can fail to explain all the nuances involved in making a recipe. By using a DIY cookbook, you can recreate a recipe in your own kitchen, capture those missing details, and make a dish that is truly special.

Cook Healthful Meals

In an age of freezer meals and fast-food chains, being able to cook delicious and healthful meals has become more important than ever. Having a valued collection of easily accessible recipes can make an enormous difference in the quality of your family’s diet. 

So get out your pen, dust off your old cookbooks, and begin filling in your blank recipe book. You may soon find that keeping a collection of favorite recipes is the best thing you ever did for yourself, your family, and your health.

Final Thoughts

I love my blank recipe books. Unlike traditional cookbooks, they’re more than just a collection of recipes. They’re my personal archive for all my favorite recipes from around the internet, friends, and family. I can record recipes I’ve adapted for my family and have them all in one place. I highly recommend finding the right blank recipe book for storing your favorite recipes.

Top Benefits of Using Blank Recipe Journals:

1. Save time by making favorite recipes easy to find.

2. Preserve family recipes for the next generation. 

3. Create a cookbook that is uniquely yours.

4. Easily retrieve internet recipes.

5. Share your recipes with friends and family.

6. Create your own recipes.

7. Take notes on how you changed each recipe to make it better. 

8. Pass on family recipes to the next generation.

9. Avoid wasting money on overpriced cookbooks you will rarely use. 

10. Make cooking fun again!

I hope you’ll add a blank cookbook to your cookbook library just like I did. Blank recipe notebooks are perfect for anyone who loves cooking or who wants to enjoy cooking more.


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