Truck Maintenance Log Books


SKU: AMZ0038

An Easy to Use Maintenance Log Book

There’s a popular saying in business that “if you can’t measure it you can’t improve it”. If you aren’t keeping track of your maintenance activities for your truck, you may as well be in the junk business. Because more than likely, that’s what your truck will become. Quickly and easily store important information regarding your beloved truck with the convenient Truck Maintenance Log Book!

This simple and efficient logbook is a great way to record your repairs and services. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use this logbook. And it conveniently fits in a glove compartment so you always know right where it is. No excuses.

Great Gift for Truck Lovers
★ Record your maintenance activities simply and easily. Include notes pages for out-of-the-ordinary expenses or repairs.

Easy and Simple
★ A no-fuss, no-frills, easy and simple way to keep track of your maintenance.


  • A maintenance grid to make marking of services and repairs really easy
  • Additional space for out of the ordinary things
  • Notes pages to record miscellaneous information
  • Fits easily in a glove compartment


The Perfect Truck Lover Gift
★ A great birthday gift for the guy who loves his truck.

Buy now and quickly start keeping track of all your repairs and expenses with this easy-to-use truck maintenance log book because you love your truck and you want your truck to love you back for as long as it can.


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