The Ultimate Adult Coloring Book for Men Volume II



Adult Coloring Books with Animals

This intriguing men’s coloring book features cool designs of dangerous animals, vicious sea creatures, terrifying dinosaurs, and much more. Thirty beautiful designs will keep you busy for hours with stress-relieving artistic activity! Each masculine depiction is sure to entertain and give you a break from everyday screen time. Adult coloring books make unique gifts for any person and any occasion, from teens to seniors.


Relaxing Coloring for the Man in Your Life

Life can be tough at times, and everyone needs an outlet to zone out and relax. Adult coloring books of animals, mandalas, holiday themed-fun, and intricate patterns are very popular these days because they help you chill out and stave off anxiety. Coloring was fun when you were a kid, and the fun doesn’t have to stop there! You can use adult coloring books as a way to connect in an activity with your children, or simply as a way to forget the troubles of the day. The Ultimate Adult Coloring Book for Men Volume II is perfect for fathers, husbands, sons, and grandfathers who like to express themselves.

  • Images of: dinosaurs, sharks, big cats, sea serpents, and other cool animals.
  • Works best with fine-tipped ink markers, color pencils, and pens.
  • 30 amazing designs.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and depression with hours of coloring activity.

Other Masculine Designs

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Dimensions 11 × 8.5 in