Gouache Floral Lesson Planner for Teachers



A Beautiful Weekly Lesson Planner

If you’re a teacher, then this is one of the best investments you can make for yourself! You know as a teacher that weekly planners make a big difference when you’re planning lessons and activities for your students. Those planners are even better when they feature cute or inspirational designs. Don’t worry about juggling a plain lesson planner stuffed with class lists, because this adorable flower-patterned planner is all about organization.


2021-2022 Weekly Lesson Planner with a Cute Gouache Floral Cover

With this cute lesson planner, teachers can easily keep track of classroom activities, grades, seating assignments, class rosters, and more. This cute planner has room to include every detail you need. It has weekly and monthly calendars to help you stay on top of your task list, as well as space for notes to help plan out your days effectively. And with this floral design (who doesn’t love flowers?) it’s sure to brighten up your desk day after day!

  • Cute + Stylish: This weekly lesson planner has a cute gouache art cover that you’ll love to use and see on your desk.
  • Useful Layout: weekly teacher planner designed to work with a Monday-to-Friday, 6-period class format.
  • Organization at a Glance: To keep you organized, there are also monthly calendars with space for notes, as well as a year-at-a-glance annual calendar.
  • Track Your Students: This planner includes seating charts as well as trackers for grades and attendance.

8.5 x 11