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Summer Write and Draw Journal for Kids


A Great Summer Activity Book To Help Your Child Develop A Love for Writing

If you’re looking for a graduation gift for or are searching for activities for your child to continue learning over spring break or during their summer vacation, you’ll love the Summer Write and Draw Journal for Kids. Because this easy-to-use notebook has a cute cover, your child will be delighted to use it. In addition, the interior pages contain primary paper for writing and space for drawing. Help your child become a great writer, practice their penmanship, and develop their creativity.

This notebook for children encourages creativity and self-expression. Primary lines give plenty of space and structure for writing. In addition, the included space for drawing and coloring will engage your child’s imagination.

This is the perfect place for your little one to record their adventures and practice their handwriting. The combination of both primary lines and an area for drawing encourages your child to express themselves through drawing and journaling.

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Blank Comic Book Journal for Girls



Are you ready to create the next big superheroine? As powerful than Captain Marvel. As Brave as Wonder Woman. With the intellect of Shuri. Who will your character be? What will she be like? Find out now on the pages of the Blank Comic Book Journal for Girls. Your destiny awaits! Buy one for yourself, and give one as a gift to a friend or loved one.

  • FLEXIBLE & CONVENIENT: Multiple layouts add variety and dynamism to your story. Each storyboard contains various shaped boxes for drawing and dialogue. Layouts are designed so your story flows with ease and can be easily followed;
  • PLENTY OF PAGES: Over 100 pages to unleash your creativity. Write multiple stories and develop your characters and story;
  • LARGE SIZE: The large 8.5×11 size means you’ll have plenty of room to unleash your creativity;
  • PORTABLE: A softcover allows you to take this DIY comic book with you anywhere. Throw it in a backpack or tote bag and be ready to write your story at a moments notice;
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The CN+J Mandala Coloring Book for Kids (Ages 9-12)


Easy Mandala for Kids

Coloring books promote creativity, help us relax, and give us something to do in our spare time. The coloring fun doesn’t have to stop when you’re little! Coloring books are designed for different ages, from tiny toddlers to grown adults. Reduce your child’s screen time and give them something fun to exercise their brain. The CN+J Mandala Coloring Book for Kids is a perfect hobby for any time and any place!

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The CN+J Mandala Art Book for Kids (Ages 6-8)


Hours Of Creativity, Relaxation And Engagement With Coloring — Mandala Designs For Kids

If you’re looking for a cool coloring book for your kid to increase creativity, fight boredom, and reduce stress, this one’s for you! The CN+J Mandala Art Book for Kids is designed for hours of entertainment. This coloring book features 30 beautiful mandala designs for kids that will bring out your child’s inner artist and allow their creativity to flow. It also comes with a free PDF for endless coloring!

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